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While the non-Orthodox or Reform Jewish population is stabilizing or even decreasing, the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish populations are radically increasing. This can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, Hasidic and Orthodox Jews typically marry at earlier ages than their Reform Jewish counterparts. The average ages for marriage within both Hasidic and Orthodox communities are between 17 and 25, though most are married between the ages of 18 and 21. Read more

After completing my MBA, I plan to return to the country of my birth, Georgia, and work towards improving its economy and financial sectors. Georgia is an emerging country that has struggled since the end of the Soviet Union. While there has been some progress, there is certainly room for improvement. Both my long and short-term plans are working towards Georgia's business and economic success. Read more

In recent years, students in the US have accrued well over 1 trillion dollars in student loan debt. While many factors account for this, such as soaring tuition costs and lack of college funding for middle class students, there is one large discrepancy that is not investigated as much. Though students of both sexes suffer from college loan debt, female college graduates typically have greater problems repaying the debt after leaving the university due to income inequality. Read more

Every night since I was six years old, I dreaded going to bed at night. While this isn't highly unusual for children of that age, the fear never left me as I got older. It was easier to dismiss as a bad dream the first ten times but afterwards it became more difficult to overcome the insuperable feeling of anxiety and terror. Read more

Growing up on a farm in Iowa taught me the ethics of hard work as well as the importance of perseverance, and ingenuity. When certain crops were a bust, my family and I had to learn to make do with what we could and how to improve our chances for next year's harvest. Because of this experience, I understand that not everything in life or in business goes the way you anticipate it should. Read more

The US economy is very tightly tied to that of China and Europe. If China were to lower its interest rates, then it would create a price shift that would push up inflation on a massive scale across the globe. First World countries such as America are already being blamed for worldwide inflation thanks to its low interest rates. Read more

Too much competition seems to be the complaint of all communications companies. Add to this the fact that the industry seems to be in a state of continual change, a problem solving model is often used to create business models. This is because they often need to change their business model or marketing method as little as every six months. Read more

Hapalochlaena maculosa is better known as the Australian blue-ringed octopus, and is part of the Family Octopodidae and Class Cephalopoda. The venom of this octopus is discussed in this essay, as even though it is not often as painful as many other local Australian marine life, it is very distressing and biochemically interesting. Read more

The Ottoman Empire has its own distinctive architecture. It stemmed from its own mix of culture and tradition, which cantered on its literature, music and art. Its architecture comes from a mix of Iranian and Byzantine architecture, as well as from its Islamic Mamluk traditions. Read more

Classifying deviant behaviour is a very difficult task, as many judge it in terms of morality or acceptance. Where homosexual activity may have been deemed deviant and even hateful in the fifties, it is now widely accepted in the west as an act of love or sexual gratification. Read more

American Imperialism
American Imperialism is a term which describes the direct or indirect influence of the United States in other countries around the world. It does not matter whether the influence is direct and military in nature, such as occupation and expansion, or simply economic or cultural - any form of influence can be described as American Imperialism. Geographical expansion and military occupation is the most obvious and forceful form of Imperialism, and the most contested for obvious reasons. Having said this, the physical occupation of other nations by the US has been minimal, with the largest amount of geographical control occurring directly after the Second World War, with the occupations of defeated countries such as Japan and Germany. There have also been... Read more

Is gender discrimination still a problem in the 21st century?
The 20th century saw some of the greatest advances in women's rights than at any point in history - the right to vote, the right to own property, the introduction of birth control and equal employment rights. But despite much-needed legislation in leading nations such as the United States and United Kingdom in empowering women, it's right to ask if gender ... Read more

Gang Violence in the US and its Impact on Schools
US gang violence continues to be one of the most significant social issues facing law enforcement agencies across America. Figures from the FBI show that there is an extraordinary 27,900 gangs in towns and cities across the States, with around 774,000 people identifying themselves as members of gangs. Read more

An analysis of Hamlet's to be or not to be soliloquy
In what is possibly the most famous of all Shakespearian soliloquies, Hamlet ponders the fundamental question of life and death in deceptively simple language: To be or not to be, that is the question. In fact, his query is much more complex, more layered and indeed much darker than simply wondering what the point of his existence is. Read more

What is Assisted Suicide?
One of the most contentious legal and moral issues of recent years has been pro-assisted suicide, also known as physician-assisted suicide. Those in favour of allowing the terminally ill to end their lives at the time of their choosing argue that pro-assisted suicide lets them to end their suffering quickly, with compassion and dignity. Read more

Interesting Woodstock 1969 Facts
Who knew that a music festival would become such a legendary and iconic landmark of the 1960's? But it did. The 1969 Woodstock Festival was a 3 day music festival that was complete and utter indulgence of epic rock 'n roll, free love and plenty of drugs... Read more

The Pros and Cons of School Uniform
The wearing of school uniform can be a contentious subject, with parents and pupils, of course, both having their steadfast opinion as to why students should or why students shouldn't wear a uniform to school. Read more

The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were the foundations of democracy in America, believed to be by some as the first constitution ever created in the western world. The style and formalism of the Fundamental Orders is in some way the precursor to the modern constitution we know of today, with the Federal Constitution being enacted 150 years after the Fundamental Orders were created. They were adopted in January 1639 by a number of early puritan towns in Connecticut (Hartford, Windsor and Wethersfield) with the aim of establishing an independent rule of law that made progress from the earlier and more restrictive Anglican law imposed by the English Monarchy. Read more

Who were the Big Three in WWII?
During the Second World War, nations opposed to the Axis of Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy were known as the Allies. And the leaders of those allied countries were referred to as the Big 3 WWII. The Big Three were Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt and Josef Stalin. And their combined intellectual and military might helped to defeat the Axis powers. Read more

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